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Alta Lakes Observatory | Telluride

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Zack and Cortney’s destination wedding started out with all of their closest friends meeting up at the Telluride Brewing Company. We all traveled from different parts of the country to celebrate their big day. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to travel to Colorado to be the photographer for their elopement!

This is the Alta Lakes Observatory in Telluride Colorado. Isn’t it incredible?! If you’re planning an elopement or small destination wedding and looking for an intimate ceremony location with gorgeous scenery and a great rustic vibe, this place does not disappoint! As a photographer it was an absolute dream. 

Instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner, Zack and Cortney opted for something much more their style. Pie Iron Pizzas on the campfire. I don’t know how I made it my entire life without knowing such a thing as a Pie Iron existed…but you can bet I will own one before my next camping trip. These pizzas were delicious! We all had such a nice relaxing evening hanging out by the fire. 

I’m always a fan of a bride in boots. Hiking boots, cowboy boots, rain boots…I’m all in. Cortney chose to pair her gorgeous boots with her grandmother’s pearls.

The cabin was an absolute dream for photographing details. Its rustic ambiance and fantastic light had me drooling all morning. I love that Zack’s camera was never too far away from wherever he was, even though Cortney made him promise that during their wedding day he was NOT a photographer! As a photographer myself I completely resonate with this!

Let’s talk a little about the rings. Cortney’s engagement ring has a classic round cut diamond as the center stone and Montana Sapphires in the most stunning shade of blue-green as the accent stones. For the wedding ring she chose a simple white-gold band. Zack’s wedding band is inlayed with antler, which actually has special meaning to the couple. They co-own a business together called Silver Gate Antlers, where they make all natural dog chews using, you guessed it, antlers! If you have fur babies of the canine type definitely check them out at 

It was there I found my favorite window I have ever photographed a dress in to date.

Just a short walk from the cabin is an absolutely beautiful vista with a view of the lake and mountains. This is where the ceremony took place. As Cortney said, no need to decorate, mother nature already did all of the work! 

The couple’s dog, Monty, was the official ring bearer. I think he was pretty proud to have the job. 

The “reception” was hands down my favorite part of the day. Instead of a formal dinner, we made TACOS. Yes, tacos. In a cabin on a mountain. It. Was. Perfect. 

When your wedding venue comes complete with canoes and random telephone booth you take full advantage.

After a few kind words from close friends and a little champagne…

We talked Zack and Cortney into sharing a dance.

Zack and Cortney couldn’t have timed their big day more perfectly. The fall color in Colorado was in full swing, so we snuck off to do some portraits in the incredible yellow foliage.  

On our way back to the cabin, as the light was fading behind the mountain, we drove past an overlook that was aglow with the last rays of day. It was DARK. But I knew I could still make some magic. 

When we returned to the cabin there was one wedding tradition that Zack and Cortney wanted to do…cut the cake! The topper on their cake was completely perfect for them. 

I’m honestly not sure who started it…but I think Zack won the smashing of the cake into each others faces. He went straight up Cortney’s nose and then smooshed it in really well…I didn’t realize until I was editing these how good he actually got her! 

This is the best part. I got to tag along on the honeymoon, and I’m going to lobby all of my couple’s to let me do this from now on. I’ll just throw that out there right now. I love to travel, and how great is this family portrait of the newlyweds and their fur babies?! The best part is that This. Is. Them. They are in their element, doing what they love to do, and this photo is just a glimpse into their life. That’s what makes it so special.

On the last day of our adventure, we were all packing up to head home, when the wind started to pick up and the clouds began to roll in…so I did what any photographer would do, I made Zack and Cortney put their wedding clothes back on and venture out into the elements! The light was fantastic, the clouds were moody and dark, and I was loving every minute. The temperature was dropping fast, and Cortney was freezing in her wedding dress, but Zack did a stellar job in keeping her nice and warm. 

And just when they thought we were done…as we headed down the mountain it started to SNOW!!!!! Big, puffy, huge, white snowflakes were coming down, and fast! They hadn’t changed yet…so…

I had them do a little dancing and snuggling in the snow. We jumped back into our cars and continued on down the hill, and the snow started to disappear as quickly as it came. I think it was pretty magical, a short lived little blizzard just for them.

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