Authentic Family Photographer

Jess is an authentic family photographer based in Southern Louisiana. Her style of photography aims at artistically documenting genuine connection and real-life moments.


The name Walking Between Mountains is not about literally walking through the mountains, (although I actually do that quite often). It’s meant to be a metaphor for appreciating the extraordinary everyday. It’s all about remembering that life is more than just a race to the end, and that the moments we spend walking in between end up being the best stuff. 
The postured version of you isn’t what I’m interested in. Instead, I crave what’s real. I want to show you how beautiful that messy, imperfect life of yours truly is. It’s full of love and it’s absolutely incredible. The way in which I photograph families is about capturing life unscripted. I do this in a way that fosters connection, emotion and authenticity. My hope is that one day you will look back and remember all of what makes you and your family who they are right now. 


Authentic family photography

Authentic family photography Authentic family photography. In home sessions.

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“It only took 10 minutes of shooting with Jessica when I realized this time would be much different. The way she spoke to my children and allowed us to just be a family was a memorable experience.”

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Documenting authenticity in Southern Louisiana and beyond.

Jess Lagrange


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