New Orleans Maternity Photography

New Orleans Maternity Photography

City Park

New Orleans, Louisiana.

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I photographed their wedding a year ago this month! Watching client’s families grow and being about to document their journy is so special to me. Olivia and Josh are anxiously awaiting their latest addition, a baby brother for Beckett! Little Harrison should make his debut in just around a week now! 

These images were taken in City Park in New Orleans, Louisiana, and I’m not going to lie, I was a little stressed out by the number of people around! It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day, and everyone and their dog (literally) was out enjoying it. I typically like to select locations that are extremely isolated for my sessions…the less people the better, no people, perfect. But…this maternity session happened to take place on a Saturday during football season, so, understandably we had to keep things close enough to home that Josh would make it back in time for kickoff!  Geaux Tigers! 

But I really can’t complain. The light was beautiful, and we somehow managed to make it look like we had the park to ourselves. And really, how can you go wrong when you have golden hour light and these majestic oak trees?! I always find myself wishing that we had breathtaking mountain scenes or pristine beaches in Louisiana…but I suppose I should be grateful for what we do have! I’m sure there’s some photographer somewhere up in the mountains wishing they had these incredible oak trees with Spanish moss to shoot in! 

I can’t get enough of how absolutely stunning Olivia is, and how perfect she looked in this dress! Would you believe that when these photos were taken she was only four weeks away from her due date?! 

On our walk back toward our cars, we figured out that Beckett REALLY likes Spanish Moss…and Josh, not so much! These were my favorites from the session. When a family starts to forget that there’s a camera around and simply starts having fun and interacting together, that’s when the magic happens! Doesn’t Beckett have the most contagious smile?! 

Look at this big brother! So proud already. I’m already looking forward to a snuggle in home family session in the very near future! 

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This session took place in City Park, New Orleans LA

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