The Extraordinary Everyday

I talk a lot about The Extraordinary Everyday. These words sum up what documentary photography means to me and why I feel so strongly about how important it is. This style of imagery is so much different than traditional portrait photography (which is typically posed or staged), or even “lifestyle” photography (which is more relaxed and candid, but still prompted or facilitated in some ways).

My approach

The basic concept that I’d like to convey is that I am not the creator/author of the stories I tell. I am more of an observer/narrator. And one of my goals is to show people that they don’t need someone to tell them how to be. Your uniqueness is your own and it’s beyond beautiful. Think for a moment about what the things are in your life right now that you’ll always want to remember. I bet nothing that comes to mind has anything to do with matching outfits, awkward poses or fake smiles. But maybe what you think of are feelings. The way you feel on a Sunday morning having coffee with your person, for example. Whatever those things are that you want to remember, it’s the emotion behind them that I’m looking to give back to you through my work.

What I look for and aim to capture is the raw and real version of you. What makes you and your family who you are? As a documentary photographer I’m looking for a glimpse into your reality, because I see the real-life, the messy, and the genuine…what I call the extraordinary everyday, as captivating and meaningful. Perfect in its authenticity.

Audrey & T.J.’s in home fur baby snuggle session

Family can mean so many things, and you certainly don’t have to have kids to do a family photo session. And whether a family has kids or not, I always welcome all the fur babies!

Audrey, the lovely lady featured in this session, is the affiliate director over at “I support the girls“. This a wonderful organization that helps provide bra’s and menstrual hygiene products to girls and women experiencing homelessness. If so inclined, please check out and help support this much needed, appreciated, and worthy cause.

For more information on booking your own documentary couple’s or family session, let’s chat!

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