Couple’s Connection Session- Gabe McClintock

Yellowstone Montana Couple’s Connection Session.

Story time.

Several years ago Gabe McClintock put a contest on Instagram. He was giving away a seat to The Possible Workshop that he, Ed Peers, and Jesh De Rox were teaching. The challenge was to post an image that was technically imperfect but made you feel something. I was not optomistic that I’d win ( who ever wins those things anyway!?) but I posted a photo of my youngest daughter and poured my heart out in the caption. The highlights were blown, and there was motion blur, but to me that image encompassed her spirit and served as a reminder to me of my reasons why. I was a single mom. Trying to run a photography business. Worn out, uninspired, and wondering if I should give up my dream.

When I saw my name listed as the winner I was in complete disbelief, but so incredibly humbled, happy and excited. I started to feel hope again.

I chose to attend the workshop that was being held in Iceland, as it was a place I’d always wanted to travel to. So I called up my friend Mark, whom I’d known had been to Iceland several times in the past, and asked him if he’d like to travel there with me. He said he would.

Spoiler alert, this is Mark and I newly married as of this June!

When it came time to choose photographer for our little elopement, I immediately thought of Gabe. How perfect would it be to have him photograph our wedding?! Considering that the trip to Iceland, that was made possible because of him, was pivotal in Mark and I’s relationship.

I sent Gabe an inquiry without much confidence that he would be available ( we were only just getting the details of our wedding settled a few months in advance)…and, as I suspected, he wasn’t available on our wedding date. BUT, he said that he WAS available three days later if we wanted to do a connection session with him!

Gabe drove all the way from Canada to Montana to do this photo session with us. Not only is he a phenomenal photographer, he’s just a darn good human, and I’m forever grateful to him for the images he took.

These are some of my favorites.

If you aren’t already following Gabe, you should be! And if you want your own incredible couple’s connection session, I highly recommend him.



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