There is no way your kids can ruin your family photos!

Let me repeat. There is NO WAY your kids can ruin your family photos. I’ve had so many people express hesitation about booking a photo session because they think that their kids just aren’t well behaved enough. They won’t “sit through a photo session”. Well, you’re probably right there! Sitting through something sounds awful, especially to a little one who’s only purpose in life is to run, dance, scream and play. So I suppose if we’re talking about a traditional photo session where the kids are required to sit and smile for the camera then I this is a valid concern. But we do things differently around here!

Child led sessions are fun, interactive and full of connection. There may be tears, but not because the kids were forced to sit and “Say Cheese”. And even if tears come, let me restate the fact that there is no way your kids can ruin your family photos. Those tears are part of life! Wrap them up in a big hug and hold them close mama, do what you so best. I’m here to document everything that makes your life and love so very beautiful, tears included.

Documentary family sessions are meant to tell your unique story, to capture all of the little nuances that make your kids who they are and to tell the story of the season of life you’re in. Trust me, when your babies are grown, this is what you’re going to want to remember. Not the postured version of who you think you should be, but the real, raw, messy and authentic you. Popsicles down the chin, bare feet through the sticker bushes, toys EVERYWHERE, and so much LOVE.


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