Stress free family photos

It’s officially “Fall Family Photo’s” season, so today I’m talking about my top three tips for stress free family photos!

1. Go with the flow!

When we’re so focused on everything being perfect sometimes we have a hard time enjoying the moment and we miss out on some incredible detours! If we can let go of the outcome and instead focus on having fun along the way, the perfect photos will emerge! And if things aren’t going as planned, simply embrace what’s unfolding. Authenticity is always beautiful.

2. Let the kids play!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a thousand times, with kids, force yields resistance. If they’re told to sit and smile at the camera, even if they diligently comply, we aren’t going to capture any of their personality that way! When kids are allowed some freedom to just be a kid during a photo session it brings in a whole new dynamic. It’s magic I promise. The best way to get beautiful smiles and natural interactions is through play. Try letting the kids lead the way!

3. Don’t dress up so much!

Well, if you’re the type of people who actually DO dress up all the time and that’s your vibe then go for it. But I find that the majority of people feel like they have to dress up for photos and then they end up not looking like themselves ( at least for my style of photography I want to document who you are, not what you think others want to see!) and also feeling like they cant really relax or play. If everyone wears something they’re comfortable in the entire session feels more relaxed and stress free. And don’t worry about getting a little dirty! The level of stress goes WAY down if we’re not worried about everyone staying spotless.

Stress free family photos

So there you have it, my top tips for stress free family photos!

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