Florida engagement photography

Florida engagement photography

Authentic Engagement Session

Bonnie & Cody

Pensacola, Florida.

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I always know the images from a session are going to be some of my best when by the time I’m done shooting I’m completely soaked. Bonnie and Cody’s engagement session was no exception. What I love most about incorporating the canoe into their session is that this is not just a random photo prop. This is THEIR canoe. In their backyard. And it’s something they have enjoyed doing together throughout their relationship. 

In order to get many of these shots, I was not on dry land. Rather, I was up to my armpits in the water!  Once you’ve worked with me you know…I pretty much don’t hesitate to do whatever it takes in order to fulfill my vision. If I see it in my head, I dive in (literally) or climb up…or lay down… in the mud…

I get so caught up in my vision that my body forgets what it’s doing all together. I’ve fallen on my butt, tripped on sticker bushes (and my own two feet) and have more sand in my gear than I should be willing to admit…but I have never once decided that my efforts weren’t worth it! 

So AFTER the canoe portion of our session, and after I was completely drenched from the neck down, we decided to make a wardrobe change and head to downtown Pensacola! I mean, why not?! I must have been a sight walking around dripping with my shoes making a lovely squishing sound as I plodded down the busy street. I’m sure nobody noticed.

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