At home family photo sessions.

Are you trying to come up with the perfect location for your next round of family photos? Tired of the same old spots and looking for something unique? I highly recommend considering at home family photo sessions. Many people shy away from these kind of sessions because they feel like their home (or its current state of messiness) isn’t exactly “photo worthy”. Understandable, but hear me out! Home is where all of your best memories are made. It’s where you relax and laugh and play. Most importantly it’s the one place where you know you can be completely yourselves. At home your kids are in a safe place. They feel comfortable and open up, excitedly showing me their rooms and their toys and their PERSONALITIES!

During at home family photo sessions, we get to do all of the best activities. Cooking dinner and dancing, family game night, playing in the sprinkler with popsicles, jumping on the trampoline, s’mores by the fire pit, sink baths and bedtime snuggles…the possibilities are endless. The only question is, what activities, traditions and routines do your family enjoy together? Wouldn’t it be amazing to document all of the love, laughter and special moments that you experience just being a family? THAT is what documentary sessions are all about, and I believe that your own space is the location choice that really allows that magic to unfold.

Well that was different…

After I photograph a family for the first time I can almost guarantee that someone says “well, I hope you got something out of that!”. I always laugh and tell them “You have no idea. Just wait.” because I know the gold that I’ve captured. It feels to people who are used to traditional styles of photography that because the scenes weren’t orchestrated or posed that there won’t be any good photos, which is about as far from the truth as possible! it’s just…different. In all the best ways.

If you’d like to know more about how documentary at home photo sessions work, shoot me a message HERE and I’ll get you all the info.

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