What to wear for family photos

The entire vibe of your session will be affected by your answer to the question “What to wear for family photos?”. It can be a daunting decision for sure! But don’t stress, I’m here to walk you through the basics and help you feel confident about your styling choices.

Does your family have a “style”?

Here’s the first step in deciding what to wear for family photos. Figure out what style feels natural to you and your family. It’s a big mistake to dress everyone up in clothes that they aren’t used to and don’t feel comfortable in. When and your family members feel comfortable in what you’re wearing it’s easier for you to relax and be yourselves. Let’s say you have a kid who only wears T-shirts and shorts. Don’t stick that kid in a polo and khakis because when you do it will automatically make them feel less confident and less like they can be themselves. People have a tendency to feel like they have to “dress up” for their photo session, but I am a firm believer that it’s better to dress in a way that reflects each person’s typical style. Bottom line, don’t try to be something you’re not!

Colors and coordinating.

The next question we should ask ourselves is about the color scheme. Biggest mistake number two is when everyone tries to match. Each family member should stand out as an individual in your photographs, we want those beautiful personalities to shine through, so instead of matching we want to work on coordination. This can mean working with complementary colors ( like mustard and teal), shades of similar colors (lilac and Plum), or, my favorite, a variety of neutrals.

Consider the setting.

Setting certainly plays a role in what to wear for family photos. Is your session taking place at the beach? In a wooded area with lots of greens? In an urban setting? Or maybe the comfort of your own home? What your surroundings will look like and what activities will be planned have a big impact on style choices. Some choices are obvious, like not wearing heels to the beach, but others might not be so intuitive. A green dress is probably not the best choice when surrounded by trees, for example. When at home, embrace things like pajamas, bare feet and getting messy! You can always change.

Add texture, movement and special details.

My number one piece of advice when deciding what to wear for family photos is to let everyone wear something that lets a little bit of their personality show through. Maybe it’s your daughter’s favorite tutu. Or those red boots she wears EVERYWHERE. It could be that your signature style is maxi skirts, or perhaps your spouse gets teased for always wearing black, or for never taking off his favorite cap. Details like that are the ones we will love looking back on fondly.

Materials that have a little movement can go a long way in adding dynamic to your images. If you’re not a fan of flowing dresses or skirts, try a scarf or a wrap. When it’s seasonal to layer, layer! Cardigans, suspenders, jackets, hats etc. also add tons of style and dynamic. Mixing fabrics and patterns and colors is always a good idea! Just be sure that you’re staying true to your authentic style.

Still need help with what to wear for family photos?

Check out my Pinterest board for inspiration on what to wear for family photos HERE!

Ready to book a session? If figuring out what to wear has you feeling overwhelmed, don’t stress! I am here for you every step of the way. I’ll help you decide on color schemes, collaborate on a custom Pinterest board with you, and even come raid your closet! Learn more about family connection sessions HERE.

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