The extraordinary every day.

“Walking Between Mountains” is not meant to only be taken literally. The name has a much deeper metaphorical meaning. In life, people typically remember to document the big things, the mountains, if you will. But all too often we forget about and overlook the extraordinary every day. I call this “the walking in between”. We spend the majority of our lives in this space, and so much of that time is taken for granted until it’s gone.

What I do is about so much more than taking a pretty picture.


It’s about embracing imperfection. Sink baths and morning snuggles, running barefoot through the mud and baking cookies and licking the spoon.

It’s about who your family is right now and the season of life you are in.

These things to me, the extraordinary every day, is the time we spend ” Walking Between Mountains”, and documenting that is what I do.

Whether you choose an at home documentary family session or an outdoor or on location adventure session, authentic family sessions are sure to document all of the special memories and things about your family that you want to keep forever.

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Documenting authenticity in Southern Louisiana and beyond.

Jess Lagrange


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