Pensacola Beach anniversary session

Pensacola Beach anniversary session. When I announced that I was booking sessions in Pensacola Beach this past November, I couldn’t have been more thrilled when Bonnie reached out. Their anniversary was coming up, making it the perfect excuse for a photo session!

I had it in my head that I was going to find someone willing to get up for a sunrise shoot while I was there, and when asked, Bonnie was instantly on board! I’m so happy she was. There’s nothing quite like those soft, pink first rays of sunlight out on the beach.

Looking at these images, you’d think these two were all warm and cozy, but it was a brisk 42 degrees that morning! Bonnie completely rocked it in her dress, and Cody did a great job keeping her warm. Plus she managed to look like such a complete goddess at 7am. Some people just naturally glow from the inside out and she’s one of them.

The light at sunrise was nothing short of magic. I mean, just LOOK at that SKY! It certainly makes me want to get up early and shoot sunrise sessions more often. It’s always a pleasure to have these two in front of my camera. Their wedding was gorgeous and as heartfelt as they come and their engagement photos are still some of my favorite to date! We’re thinking for our next photo session they’ll come to Louisiana for a New Orleans adventure! I. Cannot. Wait.

Want to plan your own Pensacola Beach anniversary session (sunrise or not)?! I am already planning a weekend of sessions sometime this April. And if that time-frame doesn’t work out, I’m almost always down for making an excuse to run off to the beach! Shoot me a message and let’s talk.

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