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As a Northshore lifestyle family photographer, in home sessions are always a favorite. There’s something about documenting kids in their own space that brings out the best in them. And when I say best, what I mean by that is that they tend to show their true colors when they are in the comfort of their safe place. I also love being able to truly capture the essence of each child and who they are at this time in their lives.

This particular session is a prime example of why I don’t offer “mini sessions”. I know they are popular, I know I could make quick money with them, but I also know that I can’t tell your story in 15 minutes. And that is exactly what my style of photography is all about.

My favorite story from my time spent photographing this family was when little June bug lost her balloon. Her outstretched arms and look of anguish, and the looks on the faces of her brothers as well! Then of course the big crocodile tears rolling down her face as she finds comfort in twisting mommy’s hair. And finally the happy ending when Dad saves the day.

There are so many of these little stories throughout this session…Take a look and see if you can find some more.

When I photograph a family, I always have this thought running through the back of my mind. “What will they want to remember?”. I look for things like missing teeth, favorite toys, and sweet connections. Lyons family, ya’ll are the best. I am so honored you chose me to document your love.

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