Documentary newborn photography

What makes documentary newborn photography different from traditional newborn photography?

“There’s a photographer for everyone” is something you’ll hear me say quite often, and there really is. But that’s another topic for another post. The important thing to take from that saying right now is to know just how important it is to find your photographer “match.” This true in any genre of photography but it is in my opinion especially true when it comes to newborn photography.

Although there’s always some gray area, newborn photography usually falls into two categories. The first is more traditionally posed, studio style imagery with props. This style may or may not include the parents or siblings in the session at all. The other types are lifestyle or documentary. Lifestyle and documentary are closely related, but I tend to gravitate toward a strictly documentary approach. This style is about real life unscripted and documenting things as they naturally unfold. Lifestyle photography on the other hand, relies more on giving families prompts and direction.

Is a documentary newborn session right for our family?

A documentary session is like a window into your life. When it comes to newborn sessions, this includes things like crying, diaper changes, feedings, and bath time. My aim is to capture all of the delicious details of your newest addition, as well as the incredible bonds that they are forming with you and the rest of your family. If you embrace imperfection and cherish these fleeting moments, then a documentary newborn session might be exactly what you’re looking for!

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