Authentic family photography

Forget awkward posing and forced smiles, let’s go on an adventure and capture your family’s unique dynamic! Authentic family photography sessions tell the story of who your family members are right now, in the season of life that you’re in. I want to document the unprompted connections you share, the goofiness and the laughter, the unique personalities. These are the memories you’ll look back on and recall fondly with a smile on your face. Authentic family photography isn’t about simply documenting what your family LOOKS like, it’s about capturing the essence of who you are.

The key to a good authentic family session is letting go! Stop trying so hard and release your expectations. Instead of going into the session with a goal in mind to get Pinterest worthy perfection, look at it as an opportunity to truly connect with your family. Instead of worrying about whether or not the kids (or your spouse) are cooperating, just concentrate on being in the moment with them. Play! Nobody needs to cheese at the camera. The less the kids feel forced the more relaxed and natural they will be. That might sound scary to some parents out there but believe me, it’s exactly what we want! Who cares if they won’t sit still. They’re kids! Chase them, tickle them, help them search for creatures and play in the sand. Make up a game, tell a story, or just hold hands and walk for a while.

You write the story and I’ll illustrate.

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